Predesigned Passive House

Threshold Builders has a small line of predesigned passive houses, coming Fall 2017.

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Passive House is Possible.

The premise of Threshold Builders' line of predesigned Passive Houses is that, with careful design and a systems-based approach to construction, a high quality Passive House can be as accessible as a comparable custom home.

Forget about blowing significant portions of your project budget on design and planning costs and spending a year in design only to find out that you've designed a house you can't afford to build. Forget about trying to cajole contractors into taking your energy performance priorities seriously, and waiting another year for construction to be complete.

Threshold Builders' models offer you a way to quickly and easily figure out your total project costs, so that you understand the financial undertaking early on in the process. Through options and upgrades you are able to customize your home plan to meet your family's needs. Then our pre-fab, panelized construction methods and optimized designs allow us to build you a fully finished Passive House in a fraction of the tradition delivery time.

Threshold Builders works hard to make your vision of a super energy efficient or net-zero home achievable, and to make your planning and construction process positive and exciting.



How do you work with Threshold Builders to build a predesigned Passive House? Our process is intended to streamline and simplify the traditional design / preconstruction process and give you a clear sense of your path towards a completed project.

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The total cost of your predesigned Passive House includes four cost variables

Site Specific

    • This is the most variable cost factor, ranging from a shovel ready city site, to a large undeveloped property on side of a mountain in the Catskills.
    • If you are you are looking for a site in a more densely populated part of the Hudson Valley, it can also be a good approach to consider finding a tear-down, which can save on your site development costs.


    • Our base pricing includes all the site planning and permitting needed to build the house on a shovel ready, Hudson Valley city site, with hookups to electrical power, sewer and city water available on the site
    • Many sites require additional pre-construction planning work, including septic system design, driveway engineering, planning board review, etc.

Site Development

    • Cost of developing a raw piece of land. Range depends on size of the parcel, how undeveloped it is, and the complexity of the systems and infrastructure needed including septic system, well drilling, driveway, tree clearing, electrical service, etc
    • We find that most Hudson Valley properties have site development costs of $60k-$80k

Model Price

    • The base pricing on our homes include quality finishes, like a standing seam metal roof, heat pump heating/cooling system, European windows, and Passive House Certification.
    • You may add additional finish details to your home, such as a deck, custom built-ins, tile, a shiplap wood accent wall, which are added to the base price of the model you choose


Threshold’s optimized building components create buildings with high energy performance, quick and efficient construction, and a low embodied energy.

Our panelized wall system uses a wood and cellulose based assembly to provide a super-insulated and airtight wall with a vapor profile built for long-term durability. Being able to install many layers simultaneously with the use of these prefabricated wall panels is one of the keys to reducing on-site build time and cost.

The foundations of Threshold Builders’s designs are frost protected shallow foundations, which allow for less site disturbance and a less expensive foundation while giving the high R-value and air sealing needed for a passive house or net-zero home.

Cellulose-based, vented attic systems completes the home. A solid sheathing air-barrier covers the bottom of the truss system ensures that the home will stay airtight for the long haul.

Our building components are manufactured by our sister company, Threshold. You can find out more about the manufacturing process and technical details on the Threshold website.


Threshold Builders is focused fully on creating Passive Houses and Net-Zero homes for the Hudson Valley. Our team of carpenters, project managers, and designers are all steeped in the theory and practice of how to create high quality Passive Houses: buildings that will use 90% less heating and cooling energy than a code-built home, houses that will stay comfortable and functional for a lifetime, homes that make us feel connected and alive.

Threshold Builders is a full service General Contractor helping clients in Ulster County, Dutchess County, Greene County, and Columbia County achieve their goals of building homes with exceptional energy performance and comfort.


The Art of Possibility

Predesigned Passive House

Predesigned Passive House

Our refreshingly smart and simple designs utilize our optimized building components to create a certified passive house home, with quick and efficient construction, and a low embodied energy, at an affordable price.

Semi-Custom Passive House

Semi-Custom Passive House

If there are simple or even significant changes you want to make to one of our predesigned models, we can facilitator that design process, staying within the boundaries of our component system, still taking advantage of the cost and schedule savings.

Architect Designed

Architect Designed

For projects with a high level of customization, we recommend working with an architect to develop your plans. We are happy to recommend some of the best Passive House architects in the region.

Land Search and Site Assessment

Land Search and Site Assessment

We can help assess properties and provide cost estimating of site development for potential land acquisitions, including tear-downs

Site Planning and Development

Site Planning and Development

Threshold provides complete site development serves to prepare undeveloped property for your new home build

Passive House Consulting

Passive House Consulting

WUFI Passive/Certified Passive House Consulting, building siting, material or assembly selection, hydro-thermal modeling + analysis. We are constantly experimenting, pushing ourselves to invent and improve how we build.

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