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Without integrity, nothing works. In building and in life. We view design and building as two integrated parts of the same process. On all of our project, we take a team approach to the process: Client + Design Team Members + Build Team Members. Below are the two most common ways that team is assembled on our projects

Full Design Build: Threshold + Client
The design/build process is about simplicity and it is about integrity. At its fundamentals, the process is a partnership. You and us. The approach is direct, two parties working in collaboration, fully responsible for the outcome. Although many other key contributors are involved along the way, this central relationship provides clarity and integrity to the complex process of crafting homes. On many of the projects we work on, Threshold Builders serves as both the design firm and builder. Our experience has been that this approach streamlines the process, and creates a brilliant final product.

Outside Architect: Architect + Threshold + Client
Collaboration is fundamental to how we approach work, so we love working with innovative architects to create visionary buildings. On architect designed projects, we still contribute during the design phase, with different levels of Pre-Construction Services. Depending on the project, this can include WUFI Passive hydro-thermal modeling/analysis; thermal envelope, building systems and water detailing design input, high level or detailed construction estimates, and value engineering.

Whatever your approach, we love designing and building beautiful, ultra-energy efficient dwellings. Our experience is that the sooner a client or architect involves us in the conversation, the smoother and more cost effective the process is, and the better the final built outcome.

Let’s build something together.

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