Threshold’s optimized building components create buildings with high energy performance, quick and efficient construction, and a low embodied energy.

Our panelized wall system uses a wood and cellulose based assembly to provide a super-insulated and airtight wall with a vapor profile built for long-term durability. Being able to install many layers simultaneously with the use of these prefabricated wall panels is one of the keys to reducing on-site build time and cost.

The foundations of Threshold Builders’s designs are frost protected shallow foundations, which allow for less site disturbance and a less expensive foundation while giving the high R-value and air sealing needed for a passive house or net-zero home.

Cellulose-based, vented attic systems completes the home. A solid sheathing air-barrier covers the bottom of the truss system ensures that the home will stay airtight for the long haul.

Our building components are manufactured by our sister company, Threshold. You can find out more about the manufacturing process and technical details on the Threshold website.