Predesigned Passive House

Threshold Builders has a small line of predesigned passive houses, coming Fall 2017.

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Passive House is Possible.

The premise of Threshold Builders' line of predesigned Passive Houses is that, with careful design and a systems-based approach to construction, a high quality Passive House can be as accessible as a comparable custom home.

Forget about blowing significant portions of your project budget on design and planning costs and spending a year in design only to find out that you've designed a house you can't afford to build. Forget about trying to cajole contractors into taking your energy performance priorities seriously, and waiting another year for construction to be complete.

Threshold Builders' models offer you a way to quickly and easily figure out your total project costs, so that you understand the financial undertaking early on in the process. Through options and upgrades you are able to customize your home plan to meet your family's needs. Then our pre-fab, panelized construction methods and optimized designs allow us to build you a fully finished Passive House in a fraction of the tradition delivery time.

Threshold Builders works hard to make your vision of a super energy efficient or net-zero home achievable, and to make your planning and construction process positive and exciting.